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Inter-squadron Climbing and Inter-wing Sports


On 15th February 2015, four of the cadets from 234(City of Durham) squadron took part in the Inter-squadron Climbing competition. This was a contest against around 15 squadrons from across the wing. Not only did Sgt Wilkinson come second in his category but we also won ‘Best Squadron’ overall. This was an excellent achievement for the squadron and we truly are living up to the award for ‘Best Sporting Squadron’ in the wing, which we won last year.

All four of our cadets managed to get to very high stages in the competition. Cdt Mole got all the way to the 10th wall, while Cpl Millard and Sgt Hopper went on to the 13th wall. This was a brilliant performance as all got through to the very final stages of the category. Throughout the competition the walls get gradually more difficult and cadets drop out at every stage but our four managed to hang on. It was an excellent day and was enjoyed by us all.

On the same day we had five cadets attend Inter-wing football and hockey in Manchester. This competition is against other wings in the North Region. Our cadets did so well that two of them managed to get through to region trials. Cdt Storey, who took part in junior football, was chosen, as was Cpl Royal who was the captain of the wing hockey team. Cdt Fenwick and Cdt O’mole also played brilliantly in the football team. Speaking to Cdt O’mole he said “It was a good experience and I really enjoyed the day, but we did get a little bit unlucky at times.”Cdt Blake also attended for the first time. She said “It was great to represent my wing; I also made loads of new friends and had a great time even if we didn’t win.”

Overall Durham Squadron had an amazing weekend for sport and hopefully will continue to triumph and represent our wing across the country, making our parents and staff all very proud. I myself love being a member of the squadron and hope we can continue to achieve and gain the sporting trophy two years in a row!

By Cdt C Mole